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Please refresh eBookFairs
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Yes, it is and will always be free for readers. We want you to enjoy a wider range of books and to get introduced to new authors by other authors in the genres you love most. There are so many great independent authors out there waiting to be discovered by you.
We love that you want to show the author how much you liked their book. In order to do that we just ask that you create an account so we can identify where the votes are coming from. Votes are a part of our algorithm so we have to make sure they aren't being accidentally or purposefully manipulated through fair traffic.
Yes, we make it very easy for you to control whether or not you get various types of emails from us. We want all readers to get as much or as little information from our book fairs as they want. We make it simple as well for you to opt out of emails at the bottom of each email we send. Easy peasy.
No, we don't share your information with authors or any other third parties without making you aware. In all cases, you opt in to our communications but we will always do our best to abide by our privacy policy and terms of service so you have no surprises.
Yes, but only with the intention of providing you with the best possible experience and to make sure that the integrity of our book fairs is as high as possible. Mainly, we use cookies for authentication though and to make sure that your information is kept safe and secure from any unlikely prying eyes.
No, you are welcome to browse the fairs without providing any information at all. Our book fairs are intentionally open to the public so we can introduce as many readers as possible to the books the author has selected for each fair.
Well, that is a pretty technical subject. Our platform uses the latest technology from Microsoft called blazor and that communicates with your browser using SignalR which is very common. When the SingalR connection is broken you see a quick message and then it attempts to refresh the connection. If it cannot then all you need to do is refresh the page.
We only have one best in show winner every week and that goes to the book that does the best across all of our book fairs for that week. Every book that comes in 1st place does not win best in show unless that was the only book fair for the week.
We want to be sure that authors get the best chance at getting their books in front of the fans of other authors. In order to make sure that is the case we need to know that you have published a book and it is available on either a kindle, nook, or similar reading device (like a smart phone).
We will do our level best to make sure and keep the price of the site as low as possible. One of the main problems facing independent authors is the cost of reader acquisition. We want to reduce your expenses as much as possible while making enough to keep the site running, updated, and adding more features.
We require authors to agree to our terms when they sign up and then we show you and the other authors in each fair the total votes that can only come from author driven traffic. We also check that traffic to make sure it's coming from places that will help your book.
No we don't share your email and other contact information that you provide in the sign up process to readers or any other third party. We know your privacy is important and we always do our best to adhere to our privacy policy and terms of service.
Yes, and we definitely encourage authors to collaborate outside the system. It's important for authors to work with each other as much as possible to leverage and extend their own author platforms. One of the best ways to find new readers is to have an author they already love recommend you through a fair.
No, the fairs are permanent once they are published. So they have a beginning date but no effective end date and can be linked to indefinitely on your website or anywhere you may have placed a link to let people know about the fair.
Nothing will happen to your fair entry, it stays in place because the fair owner approved it and once it is published it is locked and permanent so everyone else in the fair can count on the same number of books to always be there.
First of all, we will communicate with you to make sure we hear your side of the story, but if several other authors report you and/or from our own audits we see you are not compliant then we reserve the right to cancel your membership. This will only be done after notifying you and giving you a chance to correct the behavior.