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In this tutorial we walk you through the process of creating an author account on our platform. This helps explain a bit about our philosophy behind the site and the importance of having authors subscribe to the service. We hope this gets you online as quickly as possible and submitting your book to existing fairs or creating a new one.
In this tutorial we detail out how to add a book to your author account. Of course books are what our fairs are all about so it's really important that you know the best way to enter your book to get maximum exposure out of our platform. The golden rule really is to just fill out all of the information you can to make sure that your book is enabled for every feature.
In this tutorial we walk you through how to add a book to your author account simply by entering in your Amazon ASIN and importing in your cover, title, description, and other vital information. Once it is in the system you can adjust what the import utility added to make your book shine at the fairs. Note: You will especially want to select a more specific or correct genre for your book.
It this tutorial we get to the heart of the site and the responsibilities of Authors. We show you how to create a fair in our system and also how to make sure that you guide the other authors well so they know whether or not to submit their book for your fair. The more descriptive you can be the better while paying attention to the fair preview so you know exactly what authors and readers are going to see.
One way to make sure that your book stands out from the others in the fair is to record an audio note for the fairgoers. This tutorial walks you through the mechanics of recording your author note. There are a couple of important things to remember 1) Wait a couple of seconds after pressing record to make sure your microphone picks you up and 2) When you are done recording you do have to pick the file you want and save that one. Try to keep the videos relatively short 30 seconds to a minute if possible.
In this tutorial we get to the most often asked question about how to submit a book to a fair. Thankfully once you have a subscription to the system this process is very quick. We step you through that and explain what the next steps are for you as an author. This helps you from the perspective of a fair owner or an author submitter. Don't worry it's very simple to do.
This tutorial covers how to manage your fair. This is really the key part to the whole system. We explain several things that authors must do to make sure that the readers of their fair get a great experience and that is what should always be driving our decisions. Only books that provide value to the reader should be included because we want them to be able to tell that the fair owner put a lot of thought into the set of books they approved.
Last but certainly not least we are pleased to provide a demo video for our advance reader copy program (ARC). This is a fun feature that allows authors to upload their books and provide them to our registered readers for free in exchange for a review. This allows the authors to get feedback on their book and allows readers to get a sneak peak at the author’s latest releases. Readers are encouraged to provide reviews here on the site and on other sites once the book is published.