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These are some of the book fairs that authors have created and are currently still accepting books. If you are interested in submitting one of your books and you are a member of our author community, then these book fairs are for you.

Current Book Fairs

These are book fairs that authors are currently sharing with friends, family, and fans. If someone has asked you to vote for their book in a book fair it could be one of these recently published fairs.

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We give prizes to the top reader and author every month. It could be books, it could be gift cards, but it will definitely be awesome. Readers and authors earn point by participating in fairs, completing book reviews, reading lists and just being active in everything we offer.

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Our Position on Generative AI

We feel the need to state our position on how AI should and should not be used in the book creation, publishing and marketing arts. It’s true that AI can be helpful in many ways but we feel it should not replace human creatives in the process. We have to be vigilant about not taking the art out of art and replacing it with science.

Our tools that analyze book covers for instance use computer vision to determine whether a book cover is offensive or has enough color contrast. We believe that is a fine use of artificial intelligence. However, generating a book cover is something we believe should be done by a human. There is a clear distinction between the two approaches in our minds.

We believe that humans should write, edit, illustrate, design, publish, and market books. If we would like to use AI to research or brainstorm that is fine. In fact, we have several AI tools that will do just that for our users (a book blurb idea generator, a character name idea generator, and more). We urge the industry to resist the temptation to leverage AI to replace human talent. We have to draw the line there and we believe there is a clear demarcation between ethical and unethical uses of AI.

Let’s also make sure to honor the intellectual property of human creatives. Authors and creatives should know if their work is being used to train AI models. They should be allowed to opt-in, not forced to opt-out of AI. If their works are used with or without their permission they should be appropriately compensated as they would with any other use of their intellectual property. AI should not be exempt from copyright laws.

Humans are beautifully different and take all kinds of unpredictable decisions. We should celebrate that. It’s fundamental to what we love about all of the arts. Directing AI to produce a book could be similar in some ways, but we think that is a slippery slope. For now, let’s all agree to not take human creatives out of book creation, publishing, and marketing. That said, let’s use AI in other ways that do not cross the aforementioned ethical boundaries.

We also support the position of the Author's Guild on artificial intelligence.

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