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Please refresh eBookFairs
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We do want to make sure that fairs are created and ran by authors. They can be either traditionally published or self published. We ask them for all of the usual information and proof of the fact that they have published at least one book. It's important for this information to be accurate and for there to be a way for us to easily verify that you are who you claim to be within reason since many of us use pen names.'
Once your account has been reviewed and it seems like you indeed are an author then you will be required to create a paid plan. Why is this required? Well, we have found that in order for these systems to work each of us really need to have skin in the game. This is especially true when we are relying on the networking effect of each other's author platform to get in front of new readers.
In order to remain in good standing you have to do your part. We do check on each of the fairs to make sure that the authors involved are pulling their weight. Of course, there can be circumstances which make that difficult and we will reach out to you to find out if that is the case whenever an issue arises. We want you to be successful and we would love to see you do well in the fair and get featured here and on our social channels. To do that you really need to encourage everyone you know to vote for your book in each fair.